We liberate and inspire you to make better decisions that grow your business. We do this by helping you to... 

Find Your Story & Tell It Well. 


Every one of our client’s challenges, size and budget are unique, and so too are the solutions we design to meet them. Broadly speaking, we deliver solutions through three core delivery pillars; Insights, Positioning & Strategy.

Having the right insights and the right strategy allows you to position your brand and business for success.

We call it 'Finding Your Story & Telling It Well'. 


Whether you want to make a strategy pit-stop, redesign and reinvigorate your existing strategy or create an effective strategy from scratch, we can help. This is Ethos work with our clients using clear, enlightening frameworks to light your strategic runway, setting you up for a clear and focused future. Whether your business is big or small, we can consolidate strategy sessions to meet your needs and get you moving. 

  • Integrated Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Strategy

  • Innovation Workshops

  • Communication Strategy


The key to success is not understanding what people are doing, but why they’re doing it. This is Ethos has 9 years’ experience in qualitative and quantitative research which means that we know how to unearth the insights that will play a core part in your success. Not only that, but with a plethora of immersive and cost efficient methodologies, we’re more empowered than ever to create and collaborate with your target market in new ways that will give you a really strong and clear platform through which to communicate more meaningfully with your audience whether that's B2B or B2C.

  • Focus Groups

  • Trend Application

  • Creative Concept Testing

  • On and Offline Ethnography

  • Consumer Immersion & Business Idea Generation


How and where your brand is positioned plays a key role in achieving your potential. Using our tried and tested processes, custom fit to meet your challenge, we will help you to find your story and tell it well. We also work with some of the best creatives to ensure that the vision is executed to perfection.

Find your story: Know who you are and who your for as well as understanding where you sit in the market, where the market is moving and identifying what unique place you can call your own.

Tell it well: Once you find your story, we help you to craft your story and identity in a way that draws your audience in and allows you to achieve the strategic goals you have set for your business going forward. Remember, a nice logo is not a brand. 

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Repositioning

  • Brand Guidelines and Copy Documentation

  • Branding & Naming Toolkits

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