Our Values are an intrinsic part of who we are and how we do business.

This is Ethos represents both the intent of our business and the purpose behind our business.


Ethos is the integrity and spirit ingrained in the way we work. ‘This is Ethos’ is our way of introducing our brand as the best partner in helping you to introduce yours.

Kim is the Founder & Director of This is Ethos and is passionate about growing her business on solid values and ambition, from the ground up. She is a seasoned and creative qualitative researcher, a brand planner, storyteller and strategist. Kim has worked with leading brands, in Ireland, the UK and beyond to deliver impactful, empowering and game-changing solutions for her clients. Her focus is insight-led solutions and creative processes that work, culminating in liberated decision-making and most crucially, growth for her clients.

Kim began her career in Core Media in the world of research, both qualitative and quantitative. Subsequently she has worked as a Strategic Planner with Millward Brown WPP Group, Innovation Planner in jump! Innovation and most recently, the Strategic Planning & Insights manager in the full service marketing world as part of the H+A Marketing + PR team in Cork.

Personally, Kim is an avid foodie, dedicated reader, intrepid traveller and of course… dog lover.

Integrity is about our moral character, the way we work, and the spirit in which we work. It is this value that underpins our brand; This is Ethos. We take pride in doing the right thing by our clients and for their business, always.
We strive to understand and care for your business just as much as you do. This means taking the time to understand how your business works and what role our work plays in the delivery of your overall business goals. What matters to you, matters to us.
We’re in the box creatives, and we’re ok with that. Our processes reassure you at every step that we are working toward credible, powerful and inspiring solutions. The activities and thinking within those processes allow us to do this in an exploratory, inventive and strategic way.
We tell our clients the truth, inspiring them to make the right big, bold moves - if and when we believe it can deliver for the brand and business. It is our role to support and guide, but also to challenge and encourage you to achieve great things. As one of our creative idols, Lee Clow, says; “Most ideas are a bit scary, and if an idea isn't scary, it's not an idea at all”. 
email: hello@thisisethos.ie | phone: +353 87 625 6259
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